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Heritage Barathea Fabrics

Traditionally worsted, a process differing to a highly woollen produced fabric, the Barathea range comprises of versatile, lighter weight fabrics with elegant drape and exceptional handle. Due to its coarse texture, the fabric has natural recovery abilities and quickly returns back to its natural shape.

22oz Cavalry Twill Fabrics

Made from 100% Merino Wool, it is the lighter version of the 32oz Cavalry twill and is available in traditional Black or Navy as standard.

32oz Cavalry Twill Fabrics

Made from 100% Merino Wool, it is the heaviest fabric offered here at 695gsm and is available in traditional colours. Cavalry Twill takes its origins from garments worn by military cavalrymen throughout history. This making it the perfect choice for heavy weight hunt coats and habits. 

Pilot Cloth Fabrics

Traditionally made for jackets worn by sea men, the term ‘pilot cloth’ has often been shortened to ‘p’ cloth, hence the term p jacket or pea jacket as a nautical term. Nowadays, this cloth lends itself to traditional outerwear and over-coating, due to its hardwearing and windproof properties. Designed as a heavy weight option at 505gsm Pilot Cloth is made from 100% wool with a 2/2 twill. This is one of our most popular sidesaddle habit fabrics.

22oz Melton Fabrics

Melton cloth is made of wool and is woven in a twill form. It is thick, due to having been well fulled, which gives it a felt-like smooth surface. It is napped and very closely sheared. It is a very solid cloth in which the twill weave pattern is completely concealed due to the finishing processes. This is our most popular fabric across our sidesaddle habit range.