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A fabric tape measure and a helpful person to measure you. 

Any items you’d usually wear under your breeches.

Keep the tape measure comfortably snug, but not tight. Make sure your at least index finger is able to fit between the tape and all the measurements you take. All measurements should be to the nearest centimetre (cm); we will make your garment to this measurement so please double check them before sending as we cannot be held responsible for incorrect measurements given.

When you measure your waist take the tape around the fullest part keeping the tape measure level, and on your natural waist. The tape should only just be felt. Stand or sit normally and don’t inflate your stomach as this will give a larger measurement than required and your breeches will be to big. Allow some room for breathing /movement.

When measuring for your breeches, please ensure you are able to sit in your saddle as you normally would be and ensure to allow enough length to reach just past the widest part of your calf. Please allow enough movement room in your measurements as the products we use do not stretch!

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